Are you dealing with addiction, struggling to get sober? Or, do you know a loved one who needs help getting the rehabilitation they need? Trust us, long lasting sobriety is achievable for any addict. We know from experience at the

Our goal is to make sobriety accessible, but more importantly to spread information to addicts that recovery is available with care and compassion. Please don’t give up on yourself or a loved one. provides relapse prevention programs and addiction treatment aftercare to ensure that our patients have support during their recovery journey. It’s never too late to become sober for the first time, or become sober again and achieve a better life.

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One Step towards Sobriety Can Have Big Benefits

One step towards sobriety can change the life of an addict forever. After all, the first step is often the most difficult. It requires the recognition of a problem, solidified by the choice to enter rehab. Addiction rehab is also the admission that a person is addicted to a substance that they are not in control when in the presence of their drug of choice, and overall that they need help. This is a hard admission to make for most addicts.

“Rock bottom” is the incentive that breaks through the reluctance to seek help. Everyone has a different rock bottom, because addiction manifests itself differently in each addict. The lingering idea of needing help often exists in the mind of an addict, but the drive to seek it out often occurs in response to a big life change precipitated by drug or alcohol abuse by an addict. After such an event occurs, like divorce, an addict feels unable to use denial as an excuse any longer. Below are some common “rock bottom” events.

  • Health Problems
  • Divorce
  • Litigation
  • Unemployment
  • Death of loved ones
  • Bankruptcy
  • Mental Illnessn

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How do we help patient’s complete drug rehabilitation with the most comfort possible? One technique is using medical professionals to guide addicts gently through medical detoxification, maintaining safety and minimizing negative effects. Some patients need other types of therapies to address underlying contributors to their addiction; in these cases dual diagnosis is used to treat every part of the patient which poses a relapse risk.

Detoxification and Moving Forward

Detoxification is just the most basic step of rehabilitation; it wipes clean the brain’s need for artificially-produced dopamine, prepping patients for the true recovery which occurs during rehabilitation. has highly experienced therapists help patients find the reasons why they use drugs. Later in life when the risk of relapse occurs this coping mechanism can help avoid drug use. also places much emphasis on therapy, both group and individual during the process of rehabilitation. Different therapies provide different types of help for patients; patients work through their own issues themselves, while also learning to deal with them from absorbing the experience of fellow recovering addicts.